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Becoming Part of Our Community

For many years now The Chrysalis Effect has pioneered a fully holistic multi-disciplinary approach to recovery from chronic exhaustive conditions.  Practitioners work in teams and cross refer meaning the results we get with this client group are truly ground-breaking. [ See client testimonials ] The exciting shift for Practitioners is that much of this work can be delivered internationally by skype which is fantastic for a flexible business.

Sadly, you will notice  these conditions are on the increase you will undoubtedly come across these clients in your practice presenting with so many symptoms including:

IBS, Migraine, Insomnia, Pain, Anxiety, Poor Concentration, Cognitive Issues and Fatigue

You will also know, as a practitioner,  that like so many people with health issues, they struggle so much with what to do next and often take an ad-hoc approach to the recovery process.

Have you ever had the frustrating experience of having one or two sessions with a client and they move on to try something else before you can really help them as you know you can? We understand all of the reasons for this and our tailored packages of care stop this problem in its tracks, which leads to more effective retention and greater results for your clients and more solid and fulfilling practice.

How about Prevention?

This area of work is crucial and is a central focus, enabling you to learn how to help clients recognise early warning signs intercept what could be a major health breakdown. 

Have you experienced this desperate need for the quick fix while being faced with a huge list of symptoms to address?


Are you new to building your therapy or coaching business and have recognised the sheer number of clients suffering with fatigue or fibromyalgia conditions?


However as you read the words on this very page, hundreds if not thousands of therapists and practitioners struggle with a number of challenges in our industry. Ultimately it boils down to finding a client base that comes back time and time again until they achieve true wellbeing.

The Business Stuff!

The Chrysalis Effect is renowned for the importance we put on supporting practitioners in building successful businesses .The situation is, we find many courses do a great job teaching the tools to use in specific therapies but leave out the vital components that ensure a practitioner attracts and retains clients.

Would you agree that a  common experience for so many in our complementary community is the inconsistency in the number of clients seen each week? This worry affects your ability to focus on what you do best: treat, heal and help clients regain full health and wellbeing.

A Simple Shift

The shift from worrying about how many clients will book this week to being able to attract a stream of clients, is actually very simple and  Chrysalis Effect practitioners who  embrace it are simply amazed. Their referrals and reputations are soaring


The Difference that makes the difference
Elaine Wilkins – Author and Founder of The Chrysalis Online recovery Programme and M.E Recovery Specialist Training Programmes [ Elaine recovered herself]



Clients today have access to so much information yet they crave a clear understanding of what is wrong with them and a specific  pathway to recovery. That is why they lose faith and move on after only seeing you for a few visits. The health profiles of our clients tell this same story over again.  It is for this reason, I am very excited to share with you how I have helped practitioners change all that by creating the specialist model that is transforming their retention rates and results whatever their client base.

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We aim to share our methodology to build your knowledge and understanding of these conditions because you can actively prevent clients from the downward spiral inherent in chronic exhaustive conditions. 

If you have any questions or would like to speak to us personally about becoming involved with the work of The Chrysalis Effect please contact us on either 01293 220906 or email info@thechrysaliseffect.com.